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Thursday, 30 April 2020

Free download GSEB Text book for Std 1 to 12th

Gujarat Secondary And Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) Book Download.

Are you searching for GSEB Gujarati-medium textbooks pdf?  Today we would like to share a very important material with our readers, as you know we all needed soft copies of the text book of our children, to make them practice or just for our learning purpose.

The Gujarat board was formed on the basis of 'The Gujarat Secondary Education Act 1972'. It is very popular board in the Gujarat State. It conducts state level exam. The main academic task of GSEB is the preparation of syllabus for secondary schools and also the recommendation of text-books to be taught in government schools as well as registered private schools. 

The Board also performs the duties of recognizing new schools, performance evaluation of schools and inspections of various schools associated with the Board.

Find below the link to download GSEB text books for class 1 to 12th:

STD 1:-

STD 2:-

STD 3:-

STD 4:-

STD 5:-

STD 6:-

STD 7:-

STD 8:-

STD 9:-

STD 10:-

STD 11:-

STD 12:-
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Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Death of Jalaluddin Firoz

Foreign policy of Jalaluddin Firoz When Jalaluddin implemented a policy of peace and generosity in solving his internal affairs, his foreign policy should also be peaceful. It was only after the Siddi Maula Cree incident happened that the Sultan's eldest son Iridvayaruddin died. He was suspected to have financed Siddi Maula. Hence, his death was considered suspicious. As soon as he died, Arakrali Khan became Khan-e-Khana. It was fierce and imperialistic. Hence, he encouraged the Sultan to attack Ranthambhir in 1291 AD. The Sultan's army first attacked and captured Jhansi. Although the Sultan was influenced by the architecture of the temples there, but in the zeal of pride, he destroyed the temple.

Death of Jalaluddin Firoz

And he gave a Delhi table to his fragmented deities, where he chose him in the steps of Jama Masjid. The Muslims of Delhi gladly gave those idols to Mentha 3 with the help of their feet. Soon after this incident, the king himself took the Vandas in the fort with his huge army. The military power of the Sultan Crow King was revealed through detectives. He wished to return to the capital by not enclosing the fort. Arkali was not with this campaign. Barani says that Ahmed Chapp explained to Sultan Crow that the fort should be attacked and attacked. In response to this, the Sultan says that I believe even a hundred fortresses with a hair of Muslims. Therefore, I do not want to waste Muslim's self in trying to win it. But this statement of Barani does not seem to be completely true. If he did not want to bleed the Muslims in the war, then why did he 'attack' Malwa? So, it seems that the exact reason was that he had been sitting on the throne for a year. Therefore, he did not want to be absent from the capital for long. Therefore it can be said that the reason for returning from Ranthambhapar was not the mental debility of the Sultan, but the political situation and military necessity.
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