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Sunday, 24 May 2020

50 thousand N95 mask making machine of the day made by Gujarati engineers

A lockdown was announced due to the epidemic and the management of Raju Engineers Company in Rajkot decided that the necessary machines should be made in India to meet the epidemic. Raju Engineers have started making N-95 mask making machine. This is the first machine in India that can make 50000 n ninety five masks in one day! Raju's design team has been working continuously for about 15 days and has completed the complex design work of this machine.

International level masks can be made: the best mask to fight the epidemic now indispensability: Utsav Doshi - Khushbu Doshi

A large team of the company’s engineers was hired to complete the design and the company’s software engineers are working to program the PLC. This approach will enable the production of protective masks required during epidemics only in India and by indigenous machines. And this machine can make high quality, international level masks.

Importantly, a machine that can produce a special type of meltbloon non woven fabric used in the Ninety Five mask is also being developed by Raju Engineers. Raju Engineers is the first Indian company to make dye for making meltblan fabric. The two machines will be operational in the first week of June.

In an epidemic like Corona, this mask is now inevitable. This mask, as the name implies, prevents the impurities, germs, and toxins in the air from entering the body. Its distinctive material and design do the job perfectly. Raju Engineers has the capability to make new machines. For the last 32 years he has been creating many miracles in the field of engineering.

They make countless machines ranging from printing machines for stick packaging materials to PVC pipes, irrigation pipes. Raju Engineers is the number one company in Saurashtra for making tailor made machines as per the requirement of the customer.

Utsav Doshi and Khushbu Doshi of Raju Engineers say that the land of Rajkot is a land of engineers where even a ventilator can be built quickly and the country needs indispensable machines of good technology to fight the epidemic and Rajkot's engineering companies have come forward to work in the field of technology. . Raju has also developed a machine to make the fabric used in this mask.

The company's expert engineers worked from home and designed world-class machines. After the design of both the machines is ready, the efficiency of both has been proved on the computer based on the design software and now the production process has been started.


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